Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Strathcona Regional District held on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at the Strathcona Regional District offices located at #301-990 Cedar Street, Campbell River, B.C.

A quorum having been confirmed, the Chair called the meeting to order at 12:32 pm with the following in attendance:
Chair:T. LewisVillage of Zeballos
Vice-Chair:J. AbramDiscovery Islands-Mainland Inlets (Electoral Area C )
Directors:C. AndersonVillage of Gold River
 N. AndersonCortes Island (Electoral Area B)
 R. KerrCity of Campbell River
 B. LeighOyster Bay-Buttle Lake (Electoral Area D)
 W. JakewayCity of Campbell River
 C. MogloveCity of Campbell River
 L. SamsonCity of Campbell River
 J. SchoonerVillage of Tahsis
 M. StorryCity of Campbell River
 G. WhalleyKyuquot/Nootka-Sayward (Electoral Area A)
Alt. Director:D. MasonVillage of Sayward
 for J. MacDonald
Associate Member:L. JackKa:'yu:'k't'h'/Che:k'tles7et'h' First Nations

The Chair welcomed Diane Mason, alternate director for the Village of Sayward and Lillian Jack, Associate Member from the Ka:'yu:'k't'h'/Che:k'tles7et'h' First Nations.
Kerr/Schooner: SRD 656/13

THAT the agenda for the July 10, 2013 regular meeting of the Board be adopted with the following additions:

New Business
- Village Workshop
- Item from the Electoral Areas Services Committee meeting
Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre - Welcome Poles Restoration [Item]
Jodi Simkin, Executive Director of the Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre, gave a presentation on the restoration project for the Cook Welcome Poles. [Item]
The Chair thanked Ms. Simkin for her presentation.
Whalley/Leigh: SRD 657/13

THAT the presentation be received.
Kerr/Schooner: SRD 658/13

THAT the minutes of the regular meeting of the Regional Board held on June 27, 2013 be adopted. [Item]
Municipal Services Committee
Whalley/Schooner: SRD 659/13

THAT the draft minutes from the regular meeting of the Municipal Services Committee held on June 27, 2013 be received. [Item]
Electoral Areas Services Committee
Abram/Whalley: SRD 660/13

THAT Resolution SRD 530/13 be further amended by appointing Director Abram instead of Director N. Anderson as Chair for the Public Hearing on Bylaw No. 171.
Local Government Act - Part 26 Decisions
Leigh/Schooner: SRD 661/13

THAT the report from the A/Chief Administrative Officer be received. [Item]
Schooner/Moglove: SRD 662/13

THAT a detailed staff report be prepared on the options and implications associated with member municipality access to, or participation in, Part 26 (Planning and Land Use Management) services of the Local Government Act.
 CARRIED Director Leigh opposed
Campbell River Boundary Extension Proposal
Moglove/C. Anderson: SRD 663/13

THAT the report from the A/Chief Administrative Officer be received. [Item]
 CARRIED Director Leigh opposed
Moglove/Kerr: SRD 664/13

THAT Regional District staff be authorized to participate in the City of Campbell River boundary extension evaluation in a manner consistent with Option B contained in the report from the A/Chief Administrative Officer dated July 2, 2013.
Whalley/Abram: SRD 665/13

THAT the motion be amended by adding the words "subject to the Strathcona Regional District being paid for staff involvement".
 DEFEATED All Directors except Director C. Anderson and Whalley opposed
A vote was taken on the original motion and it was ....
 CARRIED Directors Leigh and Whalley opposed
Kerr/C. Anderson: SRD 666/13

THAT a further report be prepared for consideration by the Board following the receipt of the completed annexation study.
 CARRIED Director Leigh opposed
Request for Temporary Change to a Liquor Licence (Shoal Bay Lodge)
N. Anderson/C. Anderson: SRD 667/13

THAT the report from the A/Chief Administrative Officer be received. [Item]
Abram/Schooner: SRD 668/13

THAT the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch be advised the Strathcona Regional District has no objections to the application for a temporary extension of a licensed area by Shoal Bay Enterprises (License No. 154409) for a music festival to be held on August 10, 2013 at Shoal Bay Lodge; and

THAT the Corporate Officer be authorized to complete Part 12 (Local Government Comments) of the application.
Vancouver Island Regional Library
Whalley/Schooner: SRD 669/13

THAT the Vancouver Island Regional Library June 15, 2013 newsletter "From the Board Table" be received. [Item]
Miscellaneous Correspondence
C. Anderson/Moglove: SRD 670/13

THAT the following correspondence be received:
a) the June 2013 report from B.C. Hydro regarding the John Hart Generating Station construction project. [Item]
b) the June 24, 2013 correspondence from the Province of B.C. regarding the first nations/local government partnership toolkit entitled 'A Path Forward'. [Item]
c) the correspondence from Dietrich Schwarz dated June 25, 2013 regarding the Klahoose rezoning public hearing. [Item]
2013 UBCM Convention - Cabinet Minister Meetings
N. Anderson/Leigh: SRD 671/13

THAT the correspondence from Premier Christy Clark dated June 26, 2013 regarding opportunities for meeting with Cabinet Ministers at the 2013 Union of B.C. Municipalities Convention be received. [Item]
Abram/N. Anderson: SRD 672/13

THAT the Chair request a meeting with Premier Christy Clark and the Minister of Parks, Honourable Mary Pollock regarding the Waiatt Bay/Merrill & Ring Park Acquisition on Quadra Island.
2013 UBCM Convention - Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Meetings
Abram/N. Anderson: SRD 673/13

THAT the correspondence from Minister Coralee Oakes dated July 4, 2013 regarding opportunities for meeting with her at the 2013 Union of B.C. Municipalities Convention be received. [Item]
Leigh/Whalley: SRD 674/13

THAT a meeting be scheduled with the Minister for the Chair, Chief Administrative Officer and Director Leigh to discuss water and annexation issues.
Abram/Whalley: SRD 675/13

THAT the Chair and Vice Chair request a meeting with Minister Oakes at the UBCM Conference.
Abram/Schooner: SRD 676/13

THAT the Minister be invited to the Strathcona Regional District to speak to the Board prior the the UBCM Conference.
 CARRIED Director Jakeway opposed
Mid Island Forest Lands Advisory Group
Whalley/Samson: SRD 677/13

THAT the June 26, 2013 report from Director Whalley regarding the Mid Island Forest Lands Advisory Group (MIFLAG) 2012 annual report and the May 16, 2013 draft minutes be received. [Item]
Village Workshop
Director N. Anderson provided a hand out regarding the Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village workshop. [Item]
N. Anderson/C. Anderson: SRD 678/13

THAT the hand out be received.
 CARRIED Director Leigh opposed
Storry/Samson: SRD 679/13

THAT the Strathcona Regional District contribute $1,200 to the workshop and that Electoral Area directors not attend unless Bylaw No. 171 has been completed.
 CARRIED Director Abram and Leigh opposed
Abram/Leigh: SRD 680/13

THAT the August 7, 2013 Board meeting be rescheduled to August 14, 2013.
 DEFEATED All directors opposed except Director Abram and Leigh
Schooner/N. Anderson: SRD 681/13

THAT the addendum items be considered
North Island Hospitals Project
Moglove/Schooner: SRD 682/13

THAT the June 2013 newsletter from the North Island Hospital Project be received. [Item]
Area D Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Moglove/C. Anderson: SRD 683/13

THAT the correspondence from UBCM Local Government Program Services dated July 4, 2013 regarding the completion of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (Area D/Oyster Bay - Buttle Lake CWPP, 2011) be received. [Item]
Moglove/Kerr: SRD 684/13

THAT the meeting be closed to the public to permit consideration of matters deemed to fall within the parameters of section 90(1)(a) and (c) of the Community Charter, and

THAT all staff, save as may be named by the Chair, be excluded from the meeting.
The Board reconvened in public at 3:04 pm.
Leigh/N. Anderson: SRD 690/13

THAT the July 10, 2013 regular meeting of the Regional Board be terminated.
Time: 3:05 pm

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